Partitions - Wire Mesh & Sheet Metal

Safety, security and protection are just a few things that come standard with a Top Shelf partition system. Our partitions have stood the test of time and continue the tradition of superior quality, functional design and structural integrity that has made us an industry leader.

Built for maximum durability, our partitions are on the job 24/7 creating practical work or storage space exactly where you need it. The all-steel construction resists wear and requires no maintenance, saving you valuable time and money. Whether you choose from our standard options or prefer a custom configuration for corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed installations, our experienced staff will make sure you get what’s best for you.

Columbus Ohio Partitions
Columbus Ohio Partitions
Columbus Ohio Partitions
Columbus Ohio Partitions
Columbus Ohio Partitions
Columbus Ohio Partitions

Original (Structural Angle) Wire Mesh Partition

Corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed, Top Shelf wire mesh partitions keep your goods secure and your operations productive.

Sheet Metal Partition

Strong and secure, protect your employees from automated machinery or create a confidential storage area with our sheet metal partitions.

Sheet Metal/Lexan Partition

Total privacy or complete transparency, our sheet metal and Lexan partitions create safe and functional workspace.

(DEA) Drug Storage Cages

Top Shelf DEA drug storage cages provide the tamper-proof protection you need to keep harmful drugs out of reach.

Robotic Machine Guarding

Form a solid wall of protection around manufacturing and robotics equipment with Top Shelf robotic machine guard partitions.

Wire Mesh Rack Guards

Rigid and resilient, our wire mesh rack guards keep your inventory secure and your employees safe from falling debris.

Rack Gates

Security should never be optional. Guard valuable inventory and divide picking areas with Top Shelf rack gates.

Mobile Partitions

Create a temporary security barrier fast with a Top Shelf mobile partition. Easy and quick to relocate with minimal installation costs.

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