Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-In / Drive-Thru pallet rack systems are a cost effective solution to high-density storage needs. Drive-In and Drive-Thru Pallet Rack Systems store product on continuous rails that allow lift trucks to enter the rack structure to place and retrieve pallets. Fewer aisles are required, thus increasing storage density by up to 75%.

Drive-In pallet rack uses a common entry/exit, while Drive-Thru rack has a separate entry and exit, needing two aisles and more space. Drive-In pallet rack systems are the highest density storage solution available. These “last-in, first-out” storage systems are ideal for warehousing similar products on like-sized pallets, or for cooler and freezer applications.

Drive-In racks are typically subject to more abuse than selective racks due to the way they are utilized, so the rack integrity and strength provided by these systems are important factors.

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Drive In Pallet Rack
Drive-In Pallet Rack
Drive-In Pallet Rack

Features & Benefits

  • Fewer aisles
  • Increased storage space
  • Depth of system virtually unlimited
  • Designed for functionality and long life

Popular Applications

  • High volume SKU storage
  • Freezer/Cooler storage
  • Storage of common-sized pallets
  • Seasonal items that move quickly out of inventory