NEW Smart Light: Blue Forklift LED Safety Light

The innovative blue safety light helps avoid forklift/pedestrian collisions. In the USA alone, there are 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year. Sure backup alarms are effective, but what happens when employees are listening to music, talking on cell phones, or staring at the ground?

That’s where the blue safety light can help! Install the blue light on the rear portion of the forklift’s overhead guard. A focused beam of blue light will appear on the ground behind the forklift.

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Pricing Starts @ $128.50 ea. Includes Full 2 Year Warranty!

Volume Discounts Available

Blue Forklift LED Warning Spotlight
Blue Forklift LED Warning Spotlight
Blue Forklift Light
Blue Forklift LED Warning Spotlight
  • Provides visual warning for pedestrians to promote greater safety
  • Wide variety of applications from 12 to 48 volts
  • Bright blue spot beam projects pattern clearly onto the ground
  • UV resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Rugged solid state LECs can withstand shock and vibration
  • Longer-lasting LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb
  • Tough aluminum housing helps prevent rust and corrosion
  • Universal Mount
  • Amp Draw: 1.3 Amps @ 12V, 0.6 Amps @ 24V, 0.3 Amps @ 48V
  • Power: 42 Watts
  • Voltage: 9-60 Volts DC
  • Body Material: Cast Aluminum, Vibration Dampened
  • Lens: Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Dimensions (including base): 106mm x 134.60mm x 85.20mm
  • Connector: Deutsch DT04-2P Built-in
  • Color: Blue