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We’ve channeled decades of experience from many severe-duty truck applications into Autocar’s modern yard tractor. From powertrain performance, to cab safety and durability, to interior ergonomics, to cab suspension design, Autocar continues to lead the way!

Autocar Xspotter Yard Tractor

Xspotter Yard Tractor

These Yard Trucks are perfect for moving and spotting trailers and containers around freight terminals, port facilities, and warehouses. Operation on well maintained asphalt/concrete or gravel surfaced yards, terminals or docks. Low mileage operations.

  • Short & long term rental / leasing
  • Used units, rental retirees, trade-ins
  • Service on all brands
  • Parts sales for all brands
  • Maintenance contracts
  • PM service & 24/7 Service
  • Major rebuilds
Autocar Xspotter Yard Tractor