Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems increase productive use of floor space by about 60% to 65%. The use of A Double Deep Rack System increases warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to a “Single Deep” System. This is a very popular solution for Selective vs. High Density Pallet Storage. Double Deep is a great application for operations that have low SKU’s and large pallet counts. Double Deep Storage is ideal for Cold Storage and Dry Storage facilities.

A Double Deep Rack System offers low initial cost, high productivity, and good selectivity. Accessibility is improved compared to drive-in, mobile and narrow aisle racking which also requires specialized warehouse trucks.

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Double Deep Pallet Rack
Double Deep Pallet Rack
Double Deep Pallet Rack

Features & Benefits

  • Fewer aisles
  • Increased storage space
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost and space efficient
  • Good selectivity

Popular Applications

  • High volume SKU storage
  • Limited space
  • Combination of Selective and High Density pallet rack at lower cost