Accumulating Conveyor Systems

Accumulation conveyors hold product in place until given a signal to release it. Applications include feeding product to a machine such as a case sealer at a specified rate, or to hold all items to be shipped on a given truck until that truck is ready to be loaded. Accumulation is similar to power roller conveyor with important exceptions. The drive pressure on the product can be adjusted to a minimum, or even eliminated altogether. This is useful when a long line of cartons have to be accumulated without pressure so that they can be utilized in a process such as loading, sorting, taping, strapping, palletizing, or picking. Minimum and Zero-pressure Systems are available.

Conveyor Systems
Powered Roller Conveyor

Minimum Pressure Conveyor

Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor allows products to lightly touch while being conveyed. The conveyor stops a moving package, but back pressure is kept to a minimum to eliminate package damage.

Accumulation Zones provide products accumulation in a buffer zone. This allows a steady flow of products to be distributed evenly, or held back, when the conveyor line isn’t ready for additional product. This smooths the flow of products when there is line congestion, product backups, stoppages, etc.

An automated minimum pressure accumulation conveyor allows products to lightly touch as they are being conveyed. The conveyor stops the package, but the contact pressure is kept to a minimum to eliminate package damage. The amount of contact, or back pressure, is adjustable and is typically about 2% of the total live load.

Light Duty (V-Belt)

Light Duty V-Belt Conveyor

Medium Duty (V-Belt)

Medium Duty V-Belt Conveyor

Medium Duty (Flat Belt)

Medium Duty Flat Belt Conveyor

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors (EZLogic®)

The EZLogic® models are horizontal live roller conveyors designed for Zero Pressure Accumulation of products. Positive braking in each zone reduces the possibility of damage to fragile items during accumulation, without a build-up of line pressure. Singulation feature allows products to be removed from any location along the conveyor.

The EZLogic® system provides all the automated “intelligence” needed to accurately and efficiently control the various functions on a variety of our automated Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors.

Some of the advantages of the EZLogic® system:

  • Reduced noise
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher throughputs
  • Ease of maintenance

Medium Duty Zero Pressure

Medium Duty Zero Pressure Conveyor

Heavy-Duty Zero Pressure

Heavy-Duty Zero Pressure Conveyor

Hytrol 24 VDC Zero Pressure

Hytrol 24 VDC Zero Pressure Conveyor