World-Class Printing Systems for Real World Applications

Top Shelf has partnered with Squid Ink, a leading manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, providing superior quality inks and low-maintenance printing equipment. Products include a complete line of hi-res piezo printing systems, CIJ (continuous ink jet) printing systems, TIJ (thermal inkjet) printing systems, DOD (drop-on-demand) printing systems, laser coders, and an entire library of inks and inkjet fluids. Top Shelf & Squid Ink printers and inks are designed to print the highest quality bar codes, batch numbers, date codes, logos, and large or small character text, directly onto corrugated cases, plastics, metals, glass, wood, and other substrates.

Ink-based Printing and Coding

  • Hi Resolution Printers
  • DOD Large Character Printers
  • Thermal Inkjet Printers
  • CIJ Small Character Printing
  • UV LED Curing System
      • To prevent smears and smudges on glossy surfaces
      • Compact
  • Mention of Replacement inks for other brands
Squid Ink Copilot 500 Turbo
Squid Ink Viper Thermal Inkjet Printers

Laser-based Printing and Coding

  • Laser Coders – 3 sizes for ink ablation, plastic engraving, or metal engraving
  • Fume extraction system
      • Very compact and easy to use compared to competition
Squid Ink Laser Coding System
Squid Ink Laser Coding System

Container Handling Solutions

  • Bottomless Side-Belt Transfer Conveyor
      • For applying the code date to the bottom of the container
  • Vertical Case Transport System
      • For printing cases prior to forming them
      • Allows a common case to be turned into multiple SKUs to simplify purchasing and inventory
  • Mounting Brackets for all angles of application
  • Conveyors with turning solutions to allow for printing and coding on all 4 sides
Squid Ink Vertical Case Transport System
Squid Ink Conveyor Bracket Kit

Replacement/Alternative Ink

  • UV LED Cure System
      • To prevent smears and smudges on glossy surfaces
      • Compact
      • Can be used on other brands
  • Bulk Delivery
      • 5-gallon pail delivery that works on other brands
Squid Ink UV LED Curing System
Squid Ink Replacement Ink Jet Inks

Code and Print Validation

  • Squidcheck
      • This is a really simple solution to a complex problem of verifying code dates or barcodes
      • Most companies do custom solutions and this is a simple proven off-the-shelf solution
Squid Ink Squid Check
Squid Ink Squid Check