Top Shelf Battery Handling Products, Systems, & Services

Top Shelf offers a complete and comprehensive array of battery handling products, systems, and services. This comprehensive offering includes: design, engineering, sales and support, as well as the best service in the industry. Whatever your battery handling needs are, Top Shelf has a solution that’s right for you – a solution that will meet any workload demand and any budget requirement.

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Single Level Battery Extractors
Replacement Battery Extractor

Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

Top Shelf offers a variety of distinct Operator Aboard Battery Extractors. Each Extractor is designed and built for a specific application, yet all share common features and benefits which make them the most versatile, reliable and cost-effective Operator Aboard Battery Extractors in the industry.

Single Level System Stands

Battery Stands & Stations

Top Shelf offers battery stands for any application. Custom designs and additional features are available.

Charger Stands

Charger Stands & Stations

Top Shelf offers charger stands for any application. Custom designs and additional features are available.

Electrical Distribution System

Electrical Distribution System

The BHS Electrical Distribution System (EDS) provides flexible power distribution to all 480 V / 3 ph components in an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor System including the Battery Extractor, chargers, and Battery Wash Equipment. The EDS is a stand mounted, high-density system that is customized using track busway that can be tapped at any location with a simple turn-n-lock connection.

Mobile Wash Station

Battery Wash Equipment

Top Shelf completes a battery room layout by providing solutions for all Battery Wash Equipment needs. BHS Battery Wash Equipment extends the life of batteries, reduces lift truck electrical problems, and aids in compliance with a variety of environmental requirements.

Mobile Battery Extractors
Battery Transfer Carriage

Battery Carts & Carriages

Top Shelf carries a complete line of Battery Carts and Carriages to easily accommodate up to 50 industrial forklift truck battery change-outs per day.

Forklift Battery Watering

Forklift Watering Systems & Devices

Everything from golf carts, to high end industrial applications, Top Shelf can find the right system to fit your need.