The New 24-Volt Conveyor System is the FUTURE!

The 24-Volt Conveyor System consists of a series of 24 volt Motor Driven Rollers. These motor driven rollers are distributed along the length of the conveyor. Each roller zone (or roller section) is capable of performing many functions. These include; multiple speeds, multiple directions and independent starting and stopping of individual zones.

Powered Roller Conveyor
Conveyor Systems

The 24-Volt system is rapidly replacing legacy conveyor systems:

  • 24-Volt Conveyor System is the newest and most versatile conveyor technology available
  • With 24-Volt Sysytem you no longer need a large inventory of parts
  • 24-Volt Conveyors have a longer life expectancy
  • 24-Volt Systems are rapidly replacing legacy conveyor systems due to their simplicity, versatility flexibility and dependability

24 Volt Motor – Side View

24-Volt Conveyor

24 Volt Motor – Face View

24-Volt Conveyor

24 Volt – Drive System

24-Volt Conveyor

Features and Benefits of the Hytrol 24-Volt Conveyor

24-Volt Motor Driven Roller Conveyors offer many benefits not found with legacy conveyor technologies

  • Safe and Quiet, Energy Efficient 24 VDC Operation
  • Modular Design
  • Easy Configuration with minimal maintenance
  • Longer Life Expectancy
  • 125,000 hour design life, or what is equal to, 10 years of continuous operation
  • Minimum Pressure or Zero Pressure versions
  • Greater Speed Range Options
  • One Motor Fits all widths and speeds. That means there is no need to stock multiple part numbers
  • High Torque and Low RPM
  • Conveyor elevations can be lower due to the space saving design