Columbus Forklift Rentals

Specializing In Forklift Rentals

Top Shelf specializes in forklift rentals in and around Columbus Ohio and lift truck rental equipment and services. We have several well maintained rental units that are ready for quick delivery. Our forklift rental fleet is regularly updated with new equipment and stored indoors. We service our equipment according to detailed manufacturer guidelines and inspect each unit when it arrives off rent and before it is delivered. We do this to insure that each rental unit is in ideal condition when it arrives at your facility.

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Top Shelf Forklift Rental Programs

For the uncommon application, seasonal, or emergency equipment need. Day, week, month rates.

When you need specific equipment for a contract, project, or you just can’t get the capital purchase approved.

Need equipment now, but you can’t get the purchase approved today, or just need to spread out the payments. Try before you buy!

Forklift Rentals

The Benefits of Forklift Rentals

  • No capital investment required
  • No maintenance costs
  • Flexible equipment needs
  • Access to new equipment
Forklift Rental Delivery

What We Can Offer You!

  • Capacities from 3000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Fast Delivery – we have our own vehicles for fast delivery
  • Warehouse, Outdoor, Electric, Gas, LP-Gas, and Diesel forklift equipment
  • Specialty Attachments and Equipment
  • High Capacity Shipping
Pneumatic Tire Forklift Rentals

Pneumatic Tire Forklift Rental

Up to 100,000 lbs. Capacity

Primarily used outdoors, can be used indoors if space allows. Larger in size when compared to Cushion Tire unit of equal capacity.

Clark Forklifts

Electric Rider Forklift Rentals

Up to 30,000 lbs. Capacity

Primarily used indoors on smooth surfaces. Ground clearance same as Cushion Tire lift trucks. Not well suited for outdoor use.

Cushion Tire Forklift Rentals

Cushion Tire Forklift Rental

Up to 50,000 lbs. Capacity

Most commonly used lift truck in U.S. Primarily used indoors in warehouse type operations, good for use on smooth surfaces. Not well suited for outdoors.

Motorized Hand Truck Rentals

Motorized Hand Trucks

Primarily used indoors, Electric walkies are highly versatile low-lift pallet and/or skid handlers. These trucks are very popular in grocery warehouses. Top Shelf has 96” & 144” long multi-pallet rentals!

Doosan Lift Trucks

Narrow Aisle Forklift Rentals

Used indoors on smooth surfaces. Primarily operates in very narrow aisles storing & retrieving pallets. Used for picking from racks.

Yard Truck Rentals

Ottawa / Capacity / TICO Yard Spotter Trucks

Designed to move and spot trailers or containers in various applications. These include warehousing, distribution centers, freight yards etc. Rentals Available Now!

Genie Lift Rentals

Scissor Lifts & Booms

Up to 130 Feet

These give you great lifting capacity and extra floor space, but are limited in their reach and height capabilities.

Specialty Forklift Rentals

Lowry / Taylor / Hoist Large Specialty Trucks

High quality, heavy capacity, indoor style, gas, propane powered solid tire lift trucks. Top Shelf has a solid reputation in quality built trucks for rent.